Leadership in Motion

This inspiring book is a must read for everyone in leadership in the church or aspiring to be a leader on any level. It gives understanding to this new generation of Christians, and clarification to the ones who have been in the church for many years. There is much revelation in the book and it is a great source of reference for Bible study or group discussion. Mature Christians will find this book to be a great source of reference.

While Men Slept

This book has been a tremendous source of deliverance for many seeking understanding about their warfare. It gives insight to the strategic warfare of the church. Satan's end time battle for the control of men's souls and the warfare from within the church. This book highlights the contention between flesh and spirit and reminds the believer of the curse God put on the devil to eat the dust of the earth from which man was created.

Marriage Myths and Divorce

This book was written primarily for women to know who they are and to understand the crises women are having in their relationships.  It also gives women some insight into the characteristics of men, what type of man to choose because some men are not husband material. It gives understanding about  singleness, abandonment, isolation, divorce loneliness. and the question of submission.

Purpose of Marriage

This is God's dissertation on marriage. This divine institution is founded on two principles,  the law of agreement and the law of love. Even though Satan has been doing his best to destroy this divine institution, because it was ordained by God and built on the foundation of Love, it has stood the test of time because it is God-ordained.

Seven Dimension of Water and the Spirit

This book gives the reader an insight about the kingdom of water, the various dimensions of water and its importance in the cosmos.  There is also revelation of the different dimensions of water and why God chose a man whose name meant "Drawn out of water" Moses, to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt.  Readers will find this book a great source of revelation. 

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