While Men Slept-revised version with Study Guide

While Men Slept was written for intercessors to understand their warfare. The revelations in this book will give the reader the understanding of why God said to the serpent, "You shall eat the dust of the earth." The first man Adam was created from the dust of the earth, and at death the body goes back to the dust." The scripture also says, that they that are of the flesh cannot please God.  God wants us to serve Him in spirit and in truth.  The flesh profits nothing. 

God's dissertation on Marriage - The Purpose for Marriage

The Purpose of Marriage was written with God's heart and mind concerning the divine institution of Marriage. It is God's dissertation along with lessons of interest to the believer. This book takes us back to God's original plan, an institution built on two laws, the law of Love and the law of Agreement. Men have tried to pervert marriage, they have invented alternative lifestyles for marriage. But this institution has stood the test of time, from the first man and woman thousands of years ago in the beginning of creation to this era, the institution of marriage has outlasted all the critics and all who have tried to change the formula for the family.

Instructions for Intercessors

this book highlights the different types of prayer, the difference between individual prayer and corporate prayer, it gives a lesson on the different prayer schedules followed by the early church, the activities of the throne room, and the purpose for using the names of Jesus in prayer.  This is a teaching manual for prayer groups. 

Understanding the call to Ministry

This book is a series of lessons for those called by God into the ministry of the church as priests. It gives an understanding of the purpose of the call, why placement in the Body of believers is so necessary and of great importance to the destiny of the leader to grow at every stage and at every level of development, in order   to reach their divine destiny and fulfill their purpose and commission ordained by God.   

For women only: this is a book of Instructions for women on relationships

This book was written for women to help them in making the right choices for a life partner. First it is important that the women knows her strength and weaknesses, and can determine the character traits of the person she is involve with.  Many voices tell women to submit to men, but don't tell them about the men they should not submit to; this book spells it out.

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